Information for Parents


1. Link to Rochester School for the Deaf Parent Staff Association (PSA) 

2. DOWNLOAD:  Parent-Staff Association brochure

3. DOWNLOAD:  RSD Parent Handbook and New York State Education Department Procedural Safeguards Notice (Rights for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Ages 3-21)

4.  A Positive Approach to Raising a Deaf Child

RSD is committed to helping families understand the unique challenges they will face, and to ensure that parents are provided with the essential facts they need to determine the best choices for their children.

RSD Recognizes And Values:

  • A parent's intimate knowledge of their child
  • Education for all members of the family unit
  • Collaborative partnerships between teachers, therapists, specialists, and families
  • A parent's right to make informed decisions about assistive technology options, and educational programs
  • The opportunity for parents to network with other parents through the Internet, monthly workshops and special activities

We look forward to serving you and your family.