RSD Board of Directors Provide an Update Regarding the Superintendent Search Process 07/22/14


TO:        RSD Community
FROM:   Dr. Michael Doughty, Board President
RE:        Two finalists selected for the position of RSD Superintendent/CEO
DATE:    July 22, 2014

On behalf of the members of the Rochester School for the Deaf Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, I am very pleased to inform one and all in the RSD community that the search process and schedule to identify a new superintendent/CEO for our school is moving along on schedule.

The Board’s Executive Committee agreed to extend the search process from June 30 to July 11 in the hopes a few more candidates might apply.

Last week, July 14-15, Dr. Howard Smith, the consultant from School Leadership LLC, hired by the Board to assist with the search, screened and interviewed applicants and initiated extensive reference checks. He conducted screening interviews with these designated RSD representatives: Guillaume Chastel, RSD parent; Julie Shahin, RSD Teacher; and, Jennifer (Clupper) Alka, 1994 graduate of RSD. The criteria for these interviews were drawn from the position specifications adopted by the Board’s Executive Committee from input provided by constituency focus groups representing RSD students, faculty, school directors, staff, alumni, Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and individuals within the community at-large.

On July 21 the Board’s Executive Committee officers convened with Dr. Smith. After lengthy discussion the Executive Committee voted to accept and invite the following individuals as finalists for the position of RSD Superintendent/CEO:

Mr. Anthony Di Giovanni, IV
Director of Business Operations
Rochester School for the Deaf
Rochester, New York

Mr. Antony A. McLetchie
Secondary School Principal
Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf
Milton, Ontario, Canada

After the screening interview process, conducted by Dr. Smith and the group of three designated RSD representatives, all individuals and the Executive Committee agreed that the search process can and should be advanced forward ahead of its original, projected timeline. This will allow retiring Superintendent Dr. Harold Mowl to maintain his timeline for retirement.

The revised search process moving forward will include each of the two finalists to RSD, one on Monday August 4 and one on Tuesday August 5. Candidates will tour the school which is in session for our extended school year programs. Each constituency group will designate two representatives and one alternate representative to meet with each candidate. These meetings will be moderated by RSD Board Vice President Gary Meyer. Each candidate will open their constituency group session with a 5 to 10 minute personal/professional introduction followed by the candidate’s Entry Plan presentation which will include his ideas for collecting information about the school and his vision for RSD. A question and answer session will follow.

Finalists also will interview with the Executive Committee and meet members of the Board of Directors.

From 7:00 to 8:30 pm each evening Gary Meyer will moderate a Town Hall-style meeting open to all. The format of these two large group meetings will allow the candidates to introduce themselves followed by an open conversation about their qualifications for and interest in the position.

At meetings held on August 4 and 5, two-sided cards will be distributed to all attendees. These cards will contain the name of the candidate. Meeting attendees can write down on one side any perceived strengths the candidate appears to have and on the other side any areas for further consideration the Executive Committee should investigate before a final choice is made by the Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee will meet to discuss each candidate in the context of the specifications for the position and with all provided feedback and background reference check information. The Executive Committee will then recommend to the Board the first choice candidate for approval once employment agreement discussions are complete.

Our process still has many important steps to follow before the new superintendent/CEO for RSD is appointed. Feel free to reach out to me through Samantha Merithew at 585-336-5800 or or directly at should you have any questions about the process.

Rochester School for the Deaf

Finalist Interview Schedule
Monday August 4
Tuesday August 5

1:00 - 2:30 PM    Campus tour, hosted by Board of Directors President Dr. Michael Doughty  

2:45 - 4:00 PM    Meeting with two representatives from the each of the focus groups (other than the community group which will be represented in the evening meeting) that provided input into the development of the specifications for the position.  Finalists will first be asked to provide a ten minute introduction to include their professional experiences and the reasons for their interest in the position.   They will then field questions about their introduction for up to ten minutes.

Finalists will then be asked to provide a twenty minute presentation describing the entry plan that he would employ to learn about the school as well as to gather information that would be necessary to assist in establishing direction for the future. Subsequent to the presentation finalists will field questions about the entry plan. With any remaining time finalists will field questions on other topics of interest from the group.  Board of Directors Vice-President, Mr. Gary Meyer, will moderate this meeting.

4:15 - 5:30 PM    Interview with the Executive Committee

5:45 - 6:45 PM    Dinner with the Executive Committee and other available members of the Board of Directors

7:00 - 8:30 PM    Members of the community will be invited to an open meeting.  The meeting will be moderated by Board of Directors Vice-President, Mr. Gary Meyer, and a Town Hall style meeting format will be followed.  Finalists will be asked to provide a fifteen minute introduction to include their professional experiences and the reasons for their interest in the position.  They will then field questions about their introduction or about other topics of interest from the group.

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