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RSD Middle School Participants in Gallaudet's Battle of the Books 02/05/14
Gallaudet University Battle of the Books was completed during the last week of January 2014. It was a wonderful and enriching experience for Rochester School for the Deaf Middle School students who participated in the Battle of the Books program. RSD had three teams: Green, Blue, and Buff. All the participants were assigned three books by Gallaudet back in November and the teams worked hard to read the books together and thoroughly prepare for the battle. During the matches, students had to answer 30 questions about the books they had read. Our students prepared very well for the Battle of the Books and they were very engaged and excited about reading!

Schools used videophone technology to connect with each other. RSD competed against Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, The Learning Center and READS Collaborative in Massachusetts, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, and Maryland School for the Deaf.

Two of our teams made it to the playoff round: Green and Buff, and we had playoff matches with Gallaudet University staff. Both teams played superbly. They showed what RSD students are capable of and made us all very proud. †

The Green team didnít make the final round. The Buff team advanced to the final round and will go to Gallaudet for the championship round in May. The whole experience was amazing and enlightening for our students and staff.

Thank you parents for encouraging your child to read and become better readers at home.

Margaret A. Jennings, RSD Librarian

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