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RSD Grades 4th, 5th and 6th Awards Program 06/17/15
Rochester School for the Deaf staff and parents celebrated students' academic achievement at the 4th, 5th and 6th Grade Awards Program, held Monday morning, June 17, 2013, in the Westervelt Hall Learning Resource Center.

Master of ceremony: Mr. Gene DiVincenzo

Pledge of Allegiance: Bryn Huggins, McKenna Girod, Diane Ward

(In order of presentation)

Outstanding Achievement in Storytelling - Joshua Howell-Leyer

Academic Achievement in English Language Arts Emma Doughty
Most Improved in English Language Arts Marcos Maldonado

Academic Achievement in Mathematics Joshua Howell-Leyer
Most Improved in Mathematics Luz Chastel

Academic Achievement in Social Studies Emma Doughty
Most Improved in Social Studies Diane Ward

Academic Achievement in Science Joshua Howell-Leyer
Best Effort in Science Adriana Gonzalez

Inquisitive Learning in Social Studies Isabella Robillard

Initiative in Science Experiments Courtney Gentzke

Creative Flair in Writing Bella Rose Nasser

Strong Work Ethic and Responsibility in Academics - Hunter Williams

Dedicated Student in Reading and Math - Avion Henderson

Commitment to Fact Learning in Mathematics Bryn Huggins

Supersonic Achievement in Reading - Isabella Renteria

Hands-On Learning in Science Bode Aggas

Natural Voice in Writing Abigail Gonzalez

Unique Insight in Reading Elizabeth Mayes

Quality Penmanship and Neatness McKenna Girod

Leadership in Teambuilding Activities - Thomas Coates

Positive Attitude in Mathematics Michael Congialosi [absent]

Outstanding PE Award - Thomas Coates

Outstanding Achievement in Health Education - Emma Doughty

Music Achievement - McKenna Girod

Art Achievement - Marcos Maldonado, Emma Doughty, Bryn Huggins

Drama Club Award - Joshua Howell-Leyer

Color Wars MVP - Joshua Howell-Leyer

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