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RSD 5th to 6th Grade Moving Up Ceremony 06/17/13

On Monday afternoon, June 17, 2013, Rochester School for the Deaf Elementary School Department staff, students and their families celebrated the 5th Grade classroom, as its seven students will be moving up to the 6th Grade in the Middle School Department in September. Moving up are: Abigail Gonzalez, Bode Aggas, Luz Chastel, Bryn Huggins, Joshua Howell-Leyer, Bella Rose Nassar, Emma Doughty. Teacher Ms. Carla Bonaldi shared her Middle School Survival Kit with students. In it were various objects to stand for metaphors or symbols to student success and achievement. For example: a rubber band means that students should be flexible; baseball mitt - "catch" an opportunity when it comes your way; and so on. Each student moving up gave a short speech with slides, about their families, best and most embarrassing times in school and sincere gratitude to their teachers and support staff at RSD. Congratulations students and welcome to Middle School at RSD!

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