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Patrick A. Graybill Storytelling Festival 2013: Part Two 03/22/13
Part Two: Third grade through 8th grade students share their stories on the Rochester School for the Deaf stage. The annual event is coordinated by RSD Librarian Mrs. Margaret A. Jennings. This portion of the festival was emceed on stage by RSD High School students Sarah Stanislow and Tim Artinian. Mr. Patrick A. Graybill, for whom the festival is named, was on hand to watch each student perform on the RSD stage. He also handed out certificates of participation and bestowed awards on four top winners representing grades 3 through 8. Tabitha, Joshua, Adriana and Tre will compete in the city-wide Rochester City School Dustrict Storytelling Festival, Wednesday, March 27, 2013, at St. John Fisher College.

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