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National School Choice Week Assembly and Balloon Launch 02/01/13
Rochester School for the Deaf celebrated National School Choice Week, January 27 through February 2, with a special auditorium assembly and balloon launch, on Friday, February 1, 2013. The community of RSD students, staff, families and supporters, welcomed Mr. Andrew Campanella, President of National School Choice Week. The assembly opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, recited by Mikalo Malone and Cody Campbell, and it was led by Mrs. Denise Stappenbeck, RSD Director of Elementary and Middle School Program, whose students performed the National School Choice Week flash dance. Superintendent/CEO Dr. Harold Mowl introduced Mr. Campanella. More than 175 biodegradable balloons were released.

In his remarks during the assembly Mr. Capanella said, "Rochester School for the Deaf is an example of the type of schools that are created by amazing people who want what’s best for children. The teachers and the faculty here want you to have every opportunity in life, and they know that with the right education, there is nothing that can hold you back. It doesn’t matter what you want to become, what you want to do in life, with the love of your parents and the support of your teachers and everyone here at this school...with hard work: you can do it."

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