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Joel Barish Brings Deaf Nation and No Barriers to RSD 09/2013
Rochester School for the Deaf welcomed Joel Barish on Friday, September 20, 2013.

In 1997, Joel, with his brother Jed, established Deaf Nation, a company that is now world-renowned. Deaf Nation Expo was held at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Gordon Field House on Saturday, September 21.

Through its traveling expo and media coverage, Deaf Nation has brought the Deaf community together in more ways than one. Deaf Nation's events and stories reflect its motto, "Language, Culture, Pride." Deaf Nation Expo has become a strong vehicle for encouraging many small Deaf businesses to become successful.

Joel is a well-known media expert who has traveled around the world uncovering stories of Deaf individuals through his show, No Barriers with Joel Barish. Joel has managed to touch every corner of the world to interview and share these people's stories. Participating in adventures, tasting unique cuisine, and sharing inspiring stories, Joel has demonstrated how Deaf people have created their own opportunities to living barrier-free lives all over the world. With firsthand knowledge of the rich ties of Deaf culture, and a knack for finding fascinating stories in the most remote parts of the world, No Barriers with Joel Barish is a refreshing insight into human nature.

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