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DeafVibe National Tour Visits RSD 04/10/13

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, Rochester School for the Deaf High School was one of the stops on the first annual DeafVibe 2013 National Tour & Scholarship Challenge. DeafVibe Foundation representatives Mr. Shawn Shannon and Mr. Tyler Kerger meet with RSD High School junior and senior students during their lunchtime in the Lyon Hall conference room. This National Tour aims to educate the Deaf community about the little known private vocational school opportunities available to deaf and hard of hearing high school students through The DeafVibe Foundation. The DeafVibe Foundation is sharing information about the most popular vocational programs across the country as well as facts on equal access and ADA as it pertains to private colleges and vocational schools. All tour stops conclude with a DeafVibe Scholarship challenge, in which the top 3 scores on the tour will win a $5,000 private vocational college scholarship. Visit:

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