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DPN at RSD: Twenty-Five Years Later 03/13/13
In March 1988, Gallaudet University, in Washington, DC - the world's largest liberal arts university for deaf and hard of hearing college students - experienced a watershed event that led to the appointment of the 124-year-old university''s first deaf president, Dr. I. King Jordan. Since then, Deaf President Now (DPN) has become synonymous with self-determination and empowerment for deaf and hard of hearing people everywhere.

On March 13, 2013, Rochester School for the Deaf students honored Gallaudet's 25th anniversary of its' historic Deaf President Now movement with memories shared by RSD staff Mrs. Chrissy Hamilton and Ms. Susan Klein. This was an opportunity to share their memories from that week and to reflect on how DPN changed their lives and the lives of deaf and hard of hearing individuals across the United States and around the world.

Following the panel presentation, RSD elementary, middle and high school students participated in different activities. They made signs and a large banner, with the inspiring motto: "We Still Have A Dream" by Martin Luther King, Jr. A similar banner was used during DPN protest. School Superintendent Dr. Harold Mowl gave a speech about how he was the first deaf superintendent of RSD, much like Dr. I. King Jordan, the first deaf president of Gallaudet University.  

Through this student-led activity many in the RSD community truly appreciated that DPN has taught us that deaf and hard of hearing individuals can do anything that our hearing peers can do.

by Klimentina Klimentyeva, RSD High School Senior

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