How to Attend RSD
  • Student application and intake referral information call 585.336.5854 (V/TTY)
  • General information or to arrange a tour call 585.544.1240 (V/TTY)

Paul Holmes
Director of RSD Services for Children
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Preparing to Attend RSD (The Intake Process)

Please follow either of the two links below to obtain an application (PHC-10) to request an approval for your child/children to receive an evaluation to attend RSD - a 4201 New York State-supported school.

The intake evaluation process for deaf and hard of hearing children to attend RSD follows New York State Education Department procedures.

Families in New York State with deaf and hard of hearing children - newborn to age 21 - can apply to RSD directly at any time.

Parents of deaf and hard of hearing infants, toddlers and twos (children up to age 3) may request a referral to RSD from their county’s Early Intervention program. Families with children age 3 to 5 can request a referral to RSD from their home school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). Families with children age 5 to 21 can request a referral to RSD from their school district’s Committee on Special Education (CSE).

RSD support service staff conducts comprehensive intake evaluations. This service is free-of-charge and includes:

  • Educational and Classroom Observation
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Speech/Language Assessment
  • Audiological Assessment
  • Social History Review
  • Medical History Review
  • Vocational Assessment

For assistance in applying to RSD, to arrange for a campus tour, or for general intake referral information, call 585 • 336 • 5854 (Voice/TTY), or e-mail: